Neurodiversity Assembly

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Neurodiversity Assembly

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"Late last year, a group of Kougars (who identify as neurodiverse) suggested that one of our four annual  DIversity, Equity and Inclusion events be focused on Neurodiversity.  The student steering committee planned and delivered a great assembly, which began with  a keynote overview session from SLU medical school graduates Sydney Rosenthal  and Eric Elizondo of Little House of Neurodiversity.  The general session was followed by breakout sessions on history and intersectionality led by senior Alana Fowler ,  a non-verbal communication simulation led by junior Chloe Ogier and MWA - Misconceptions, Witness and Allyship, led by Mrs. Beth Lappe and Mrs. Kristen Jackson.  The RK community learned much - including that neurodiversity is a function of diversity within the human population rather than deficits that need to be “fixed”. "

-Beth Lappe, Academic Support Specalist

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