Our Curriculum


Rosati-Kain Academy’s curriculum focuses on using culturally responsive pedagody along with experiential learning to provide students with the opportunities for educational growth along with developing the academic skills they will need to thrive in the future.  On top of the foundation course work which meets state and college standards, Rosati-Kain Academy offers numerous elective classes with the aim to provide each student with classes that intrigue them while empowering them to create a future that is authentic and meaningful. Students strengthen their cultural competency skills through courses like:

  • Women, Race, and Society
  • Black History
  • Social Justice
  • World Religions
  • Women Authors
  • and numerous other multidicsiplinary coursework. 

In combination with pedagogy that is centered on research, equity and excellence, Rosati-Kain Academy’s curriculum is also guided by the SJEM’s mission to have every student graduate from RKA ready to serve their dear neighbor without distinction while they create a future for themselves that inspires them to strive for excellence and faith.