Welcome to Rosati-Kain Academy Athletics! Athletics is such a big part of the educational experience and it is no different here at RKA! One of the biggest parts of athletics is that sports helps develop leaders, aids in learning time management skills, and helps to keep both your mind and body in the best possible shape.

We have 11 different athletic activities available for ALL of our students to explore and participate in throughout the school year. We hope that you find an activity that will best suit your skills or you find a sport that you would like to try and learn about. Unlike other schools, we let everyone play who wants to play; we do not cut, instead, we help you develop your skills and love for physical activity. 

Students can earn .25 PE credit for completing a season of a sport. Credit is earned when the coach and the Athletic Director confirm that the student's attendance, sportsmanship, and effort exceeded expecations.