Theology Currciulum


The Theology curriculum at Rosati-Kain Academy seeks to accompany students in their spiritual journeys by providing theological content of the highest quality. By doing so we hope to not only engage the students’ intellects, but also inspire their hearts and spirits to seek and to know the Divine in all things.

  1. Freshmen Theology focuses on the living word of God in Sacred Scripture, both the Old and New Testaments. 
  2. Sophomore Theology takes students into a closer study of the Church, the people of God, and her prayer life, symbols, and rituals.
  3. Junior Theology focuses attention and intention to deepening love of God and one another, now through moral discernment and social justice. 
  4. Senior Theology seeks to prepare students for the next steps of their life-journey through an exploration of the truth, beauty, goodness, and holiness of the world’s religions. Additionally students explore the reality of sacred and personal call to be and become who God created them to be.