Our Diversity

A multicultural school prepares young women for a multicultural world.

We are the most racially diverse all-girls high school.

  • 44% of our students are white
  • 33% of our students are black
  • 12% our students are Hispanic
  • 5% are Asian
  • 5% are multiracial

We are geographically diverse with students coming from 40 different zip codes. 

We are religiously diverse. Rosati-Kain welcomes students of any and all faith backgrounds. In developing the intellect, character, and spirit of a Rosati-Kain grad, we offer opportunities to know self, community and the Divine. Based in a Catholic tradition of Christ-like welcome and commission, we seek to know and equip students in their spiritual selves. Unified in a common mission with diverse expression, we invite students to worship, meditate, reflect, and take ownership of meaningful, culturally reflective rituals. Students enrich our liturgy and prayer services through multilingual song, prayer and sacred reading; liturgical dance celebrates African and Black tradition; and creative ritual and meditation allow students to take on leadership and design of communal prayer. We acknowledge seasonal spiritual expression through Día de los Muertos, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Black Catholic History Month (Nov.) and Black History Month (Feb.), Lunar New Year celebrating Asian American heritage, thanksgiving and harvest, spring celebration, and more. Upperclasswomen explore world religions, familiarizing themselves with the diversity as well as common values of other religions. All students participate in prayer life, engaging with various ways to nourish body, mind, and soul through quiet, music, movement, sacred text, personal reflection and creativity.