St. Joseph Educational Ministries

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Rosati-Kain Academy is sponsored by St. Joseph’s Educational Ministries (SJEM).

As stated on its website: St. Joseph Education Ministries (SJEM) is a Catholic sponsor in education that works as a bridge between the Catholic Church and its sponsored Catholic institutions. Approved by the Vatican as a Catholic sponsor for educational institutions, SJEM is an innovative initiative of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the St. Louis Province who believe in the empowerment of lay people to leadership roles traditionally held only by religious sponsorship of Catholic education. In this way, SJEM is a bridge between our schools and the church. SJEM assumes responsibility for ensuring that our sponsored institutions maintain a life-giving and sustaining Catholic identity rooted in Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching. We are informed by our inclusive community of diverse voices that help to shape and inspire our responsibility to serve others without distinction. Although sponsoring Catholic education at large, SJEM was born out of and constantly seeks to grow deeper in the charism and spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet. Through Catholic sponsorship in education, SJEM continues the CSJ legacy of forming learners in the CSJ charism who will transform the world through serving God and the dear neighbor without distinction.

See https://stjosephedmin.org/about/ for more information.