Meeting- Tuesday, October 4

Meeting- Tuesday, October 4

Thank you to so many of you who have committed yourself and your talents to RKForever.  There is much work to be done, and little time if Rosati-Kain High School is going to become a private Catholic high school by the fall of 2023.   We will meet on Tuesday at 5:30pm in the gym, please enter through the gym doors.   After a short presentation and introduction of the plan, we will break out into seven groups throughout the building.  The main session will be available virtually with the following link However, the breakout sessions will not be available virtually.  If you would like to be a part of one of these following committees, please complete this google form You will receive minutes from Tuesday's meeting and may participate in all future committee meetings in-person or virtually.

This undertaking in some ways is monumental and in other ways not that difficult.  If the community truly pulls together, many hands will make light work.  However, with that said, there are definitely some responsibilities that are going to require a lot of work for a few people who come forward to lead each group.  Between now and Tuesday, I would encourage you to take time in prayer and reflect on your current commitments and skillset and if God is calling you to a leadership role with RKForever.  We must have people who can take on significant responsibilities, knowing they will have overwhelming support as so many of you have already committed.

On Tuesday evening, after our gathering in the gym, you will go directly to the group where you would like to volunteer.  (You may certainly volunteer for more than one group, but you will be present at only one group).  There will be a facilitator in each location to take notes that will be combined with the notes from other groups and ultimately shared with the entire group.  During this time you need to get to know one another and quickly launch into the work of the evening, that is to say....How are the people in this room going to meet these assigned objectives quickly? 

You will need to select a contact person/leader for this group who can coordinate future meetings and keep the group on track toward their assigned objectives. 

Rosati-Kain women are incredibly accomplished and talented individuals.  They are generous with their time, talent and treasure.  They are  formidable women and that have truly changed the lives of so many.  If this endeavor is going to be successful, it will be a result of all of you.

Here are the seven groups and locations.

1.  Pray-ers. (room 304)

First and utmost, our work must be guided by the Holy Spirit.  

1)  This group will pray for the success of RKForever during this breakout session.

2)  This group will commit themselves to gather as a group REGULARLY for prayer (both in-person and virtually).   

3)  This group will coordinate and invite others to various prayer gatherings---liturgies, rosaries, adoration, prayer service, scripture studies.

4)  This group will coordinate a community prayer commitment for the success of Rosati-Kain as a private Catholic school.  Each member of our community and beyond is to be asked to pray, fast and give alms for Rosati-Kain.  The success of Rosati-Kain cannot be about us, but as it has always been, it must be about our mission to our students and our commitment to live out God's call for our community.   

5)  This group will coordinate the development of other prayer groups.

6)  and so much more...

2. Working with Outside Constituents (room 204)

1)  Archdiocese for the Ownership/Asset transition—

This group will be working with the archdiocese about the transition of assets (facilities, parking lot, desks, furniture, all items needed for a school) for the benefit of Rosati-Kain and the archdiocese.  This group will be in conversation with the archdiocese about costs and timelines. The group’s goal is to gain agreement from the Archdiocese to transition the assets to RK at a reasonable cost. A letter has been sent to the Archdiocese already requesting this and you will be provided a copy of the letter.

2) The City of Saint Louis

The mayor's office has reached out to us not just to offer words of consolation, but to offer any support it can to ensure the success of Rosati-Kain.  They have expressed their insistence that Rosati-Kain remain open and serve our students and the City of Saint Louis. This group would meet with the mayor and other Saint Louis City leaders to determine the support they can offer.   I can talk with this group about some ideas and requests I would have from the City of Saint Louis.

3). The Central West End

This group will meet with the leaders and influencers of the CWE. 

3.  Fundraising Committee (cafeteria)

This group will be tasked to raise a VERY large sum of money within a few months to ensure the school remains open for at least five years even if student enrollment drops due to the recent announcement.  This group will need to strategize how to best approach and make the ask of independently wealthy persons, family offices, people of high net worth and foundations.  This group must fundraise quickly so that incoming freshmen know that the school will be open for them for their entire four years.  People who can provide high quality presentation materials would also be an asset to this group. 

The success of this group will be key to the success of RK Forever.

4.  Financial Analysts—Finance Committee (room 112)

This group will assess the Rosati-Kain financials (revenues and expenditures etc) and determine what added expenditures and revenue are needed for the long term sustainability of the school.  This group will develop a long term financial strategic plan.  This committee will advise the Governance Board on tuition, salaries and number of personnel needed, along with all other profit and loss variables.

5.  RKForever Governance Board (Biology Lab room 117)

This group will establish the RKForever Governance Board

1) Establish by-laws for the governance board, determine how many people need to be on the board and in what capacity (How many people of finance, fundraisers, facilities, academics etc) and what is each person's responsibility and commitment.  Determine length and number of terms etc....

2)  This group will recruit, interview and select Governance Board members, who will then select the School President (or create a selection committee for this task).  President can staff the rest of the school.

3) This group will determine what Rosati-Kain needs to become its own entity (an LLC?, something else?) and work through this process.

6. PR Management & Communications (learning commons)

This group will communicate with the Rosati-Kain community and the media a cohesive message regarding the progress of RKForever.

This group will arrange to have representatives at each of the other groups and then report back to this group so that comprehensive, cohesive messaging will be conveyed to the Rosati-Kain community and beyond.

Ideally this group should disperse after 45 minutes to each of the four other groups. 

7.  General Support. (gymnasium)

Make phone calls, clerical tasks and answer emails in support of all of the other groups listed above.  This group needs to create a spreadsheet with the contact information and services that each person is offering to all the groups.

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