Fall Sports Pep Rally

Fall Sports Pep Rally

Purple And Gold

Rosati-Kain celebrated the beloved return of fall sports with a pep rally and activities on September 27. Students enjoyed a "Purple and Gold" dress down day and showed off their best costumes! Old cheerleading uniforms were even brought out as a way to pay homage to Rosati-Kain women and teams who came before them.

The pep rally began with the senior class running through a breakaway banner and taking a lap around the area. Seniors then led the student body in a friendly chant to set the tone and to encourage union and camaraderie among the classes. Each of the fall sports teams (Softball, Tennis, Field Hockey, Volleyball, and Cross Country) were then featured one-by-one in front of the student body and celebrated. Senior fall athletes received special recognition and paraded through a victory tunnel, created by the remainder of the senior class while the other classes cheered. Overall, it was a day of great Kougar pride and community. After the pep rally, students let loose with music and dancing. What a great way to celebrate our athletes!


Victory Tunnel

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