The 2022 Kougar Klassic is Underway

The 2022 Kougar Klassic is Underway

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The Kougar Klassic is now underway, running Thursday, September 1 through Friday, September 30.

Click to Join Round One!

All Rosati-Kain alumnae are invited to particpate in a tournament-style competition to claim the title of Rosati-Kain's Alumnae Kougar Klassic Champion. This will be determined by percentage of classmates donating per class, not dollar amount, to The Fund for R-K. Only gifts of $10 and more, made during the month of September will count!

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The first round of the 2021 Kougar Klassic will be a "scramble." All individual classes will compete. The top 16 individual classes move forward to Round 2. Then the top 8 classes move forward to Round 3. Finally, the final 4 top classes will compete for the championship title. 

Important Deadlines: 

September 1 - Kougar Klassic Begins

September 12 - First Round of Kougar Klassic Ends

September 19 - Second Round of Kougar Klassic Ends

September 26 - Third round of Kougar Klassic Ends

October 1 - A New Champion Class is Announced

How to Become the Next Champion?

Make a gift–large or small–to The Fund for R-K during the month of September. You can mail a check to the school or donate online (only gifts of $10 or more made in the month of September count).  Click HERE to make your donation online TODAY!

Encourage others in your class to participate. Check with your friends via email or social media. The class with the highest percentage of donors wins.  Please email [email protected] to get a class roster.

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE with all of your classmates.  Post #TBT pics on your own social media and check with your classmates that haven't given. Be sure to use #KougarKlassic on all of your posts. 

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