Important Resources and Guidance Forms


Insurance Guide to Teen Driving in Missouri 

Crashes, Car Insurance, and Beyond: The High Toll of Distracted Driving

Car Insurance Guide for New Drivers & Their Parents

SLU Financial Aid 101

Guidance Forms

A+ Schools Program Forms:

FERPA Waiver: Transcript and Recommendation release form granting (if waived) permission for Rosati-Kain faculty to send information regarding the college the college application process on student’s behalf. To download this form, please click here.

Request for Teacher Recommendation: Students use this form to give to teachers from whom they are asking for a recommendation.  Includes student instructions. To download this form, please click here.

Workers Permit: Students under the age of 16 are required to obtain a workers permit before being employed. To view the different forms available, please click here.

Have you received a letter from "The National Youth Leadership Forum"?  This is a group of summer programs focused on introducing careers to students.  It is owned by the for-profit company Envision EMI who also runs Lead America, the Congressional Youth Leadership Council, and the National Young Scholars Program.  Our Rosati-Kain students have, for a long time, received invitations to join these programs most likely based on the interests expressed on their PSAT.  We are frequently asked about the validity and worth of these programs.  ‘Tis the season, it seems, that these invites have begun arriving in your mailboxes.  To read a wonderfully unbiased article weighing the pros and cons so you can make the best decision for your daughter CLICK HERE.