Vocal Music Director

Nancy Kowalczyk
Nancy Kowalczk
Vocal Music Director

Nancy Kowalczk is a gifted music director and educator. Alumna Class of 1981, Nancy currently leads Rosati-Kain's Choral Music Program, and supports the annual musical performed by the theater department. This past year, Ms. Kowalczk directed the Advanced Chorus and the RK Voices all the way to Rome, Italy to sing on the steps of the Vatican for the Pope. Is it too much to say the girls sang like Angels? We don't think so.

We are excited and grateful to have Ms. Kowalczk continue at Rosati-Kain Academy.

We offer chorus in the following three levels:

Freshman Chorus 
A combination of a choral performing arts class and an introduction to music class. Students will develop the ability to sing various choral music styles. Proper breathing techniques, diction, blend, tone quality, and music reading skills are emphasized. Basic theory and a study of various composers are explored. This is a performing ensemble; students are required to sing in the Christmas and Spring concerts.

Advanced Chorus
Prerequisites: acceptance by audition. Students may enroll in the course more than one year.
Students will be introduced to choral music of various styles and from various historical periods. Music reading skills, choral blend, diction, and tone quality will be emphasized, as well as working as part of a cooperative group. This is a performing ensemble; students will sing at various times throughout the year, primarily in the Christmas and Spring concerts.

R-K Voices
Prerequisites: acceptance by audition, and recommendations by three teachers. Note: Students in Rosati-Kain Voices must also enroll in Advanced Chorus. Students may enroll in the course more than one year.
This is a small, select ensemble with an emphasis on performance. A variety of musical styles from various historical periods will be explored. Students will advance their music reading and choral singing skills and work closely with those in the ensemble. Students must be willing to perform frequently, often outside of school time. Performances will include but not be limited to the Christmas and Spring concerts.