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College Reps

We love having you come visit us and we’re scheduling times now!

Please use the link below to sign up for a time that works for you.  Rosati-Kain is using SCOIR to schedule visits and send application-related documents to colleges.  If you don't know about SCOIR, please consider creating an account with this growing platform so that you may receive documents from the rapidly expanding list of high schools using SCOIR. Visit and check them out!

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Mrs. Burke's College Tours

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Oklahoma State University
The University of Tulsa
Missouri State University
University of Arkansas

College Chapel (Maynooth University; Kildare County, Ireland). Founded in 1795, the school has gone through much change over the years. Thankfully, faculty and staff have maintained the rich history within while continuing to mix and evolve with modernization.

St. Joseph's Square (Maynooth University; Maynooth, Ireland). Originally two institutions - St. Patrick's College Seminary for Priests and Maynooth College of Theological Study for religious and lay students.

Special anechoic chamber for studying radio frequencies. (Maynooth University; Kildare County, Ireland)

Russell Library (Maynooth University; Kildare County, Ireland). Printed works range from 16th to mid 19th centuries.

ELOAS Building - Business Incubation Centre (Maynooth University; County Kildare, Ireland)

Plassey House - Admissions (University of Limerick; Limerick, Ireland)

Irish World Academy of Music and Dance (University of Limerick; Limerick, Ireland)

School of Health Sciences (University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland)

Academic Building (University of Limerick; Limerick, Ireland)

University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland

School of Architecture, Planning, and Environmental Policy (University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland)

University College Dublin; Dublin, Ireland

University of Oklahoma - Norman, Oklahoma
Go Sooners!

Oklahoma State - Stillwater, OK
Go Pokes!

The University of Tulsa - Tulsa, Oklahoma
Tradition: this is a picture of the bell students ring when they've graduated - and not a moment sooner - it's bad luck!

Missouri State University - Springfield, MO
Exciting time to be a Bear!

University of Arkansas - Fayetteville, AR
"Old Main" at the home of the Razorbacks.