Student Retreats

Student Retreats

As part of their spiritual development as women of faith, our students attend a day of prayer or retreat each year.  These activities are designed to allow students to slow down, take a breath, reflect, pray and prepare for whatever is next. The prayer days and retreats are also a time for students to develop new relationships and recognize God in all things that surround them.

Freshman Prayer Day

This day of prayer introduces the new freshman to the charisms of our school.  This day is also an opportunity to begin bonding as a class and for the students to reflect on their relationship with God.

Sophomore Prayer Day

Sophomore students attend this prayer day focused on recognizing giftedness in our selves and in community. We make time for reflection as well as laughter.

Junior Kairos

Junior year the retreat experience is a three-day retreat: “Kairos.”  Kairos means God’s time. Juniors can choose from two Kairos retreat dates at the beginning of the school year.  The retreat allows the students to reflect on their relationship with God, others, and self. The cost of the retreat is included in your tuition.

Senior Prayer Day

This day of prayer is planned by the seniors as a day to reflect on their years at Rosati-Kain and what the future may hold for them after graduation.