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Practice ACT
Freshmen and sophomores take a practice ACT in the spring.  This is provided as a benchmark for the freshmen, and as a strengths / opportunities for growth indicator for both grades.  The test results are shared with the students the following fall semester.  Scores are not reported to colleges or other institutions.


As juniors begin to prepare for the ACT, Rosati-Kain has partnered with The Princeton Review to offer a FREE practice test!  For information and to sign up, please click here. winter-2016-practice-test-registration-form


PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
All sophomores and juniors take the PSAT during a school day in October. For sophomores, this is a preliminary for the SAT, should they decide to take this test later on. For juniors, the test is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship(s). Students are given an information packet to bring home in September. The school pays all fees and handles the ordering and administration of this test.


This is one of the two nationally accepted college entrance exams (the other is the SAT, offered by the College Board). The Rosati-Kain guidance department recommends taking this test 3-4 times, starting in the SPRING of junior year. We partner with the Princeton Review to offer a 20-hour prep class for the juniors, usually starting in late February. This is for a reduced fee and is held at Rosati-Kain after school. For details and registration for this year’s class, please click here

Registration for the test and sending test scores to colleges is the student’s responsibility. Rosati-Kain does NOT include test scores on official transcripts.

To view test dates and registration information, please click here.



The SAT is another college entrance test students may choose to take. The scores on the PSAT and the ACT Aspire are both good indicators of which test may be more advantageous for the individual. Contrary to the assumption that the ACT is for the Midwest, and the SAT is solely for the Coasts and Ivy Leagues, either test is accepted by virtually every college and university in the country. Historically, approximately 5% of our students take the SAT, usually in addition to the ACT. This is one of the many things the counselors help students and parents determine during our individual meetings in January of junior year.

To view test dates and registration information for the SAT, please click here.


Additional Test Prep Resources

ACT Boot Camp – St. Mary’s High School (week-long sessions for $100 prior to each National Test Date)  Link

Club Z In-Home Tutoring Services  – (314) 828-8080

College Tutors – (636) 926-2681

Kaplan –

Kleitz Education Group   –  (314) 344-9010

Lewis and Clark Institute  – (314) 918-1400

One-On-One Tutoring   –

Princeton Review  – (800) 916-7737

Pocket PhD’s   –

Tutor Doctor  –  (636)357-4500    www.TutorDoctorStL.Com

Svolopoulos, Margaret –  (314) 303-6432

Sylvan Learning Centers

Varsity Tutors – (314) 422-2007

Webster University offers Saturday classes several times prior to each national test date.  Please click here for more info.

ACT OR SAT resource books available for purchase (about $30.00) at bookstores

ONLINE PRACTICE (FREE) FROM ST. LOUIS CITY AND COUNTY LIBRARY.  If you are interested in this, please see your counselor or Mrs. Faron for directions.

*This list is provided for informational purposes only. Please ask individual agency about success rates.  Rosati-Kain does not guarantee results.

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