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The Rosati-Kain Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch each day during the school year. Rosati-Kain contracts through Food Service Consultants, Inc. for our breakfast and lunch program. Food Service Consultants is a food service management company, which specializes in serving the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area. Their primary goal is to offer a high quality and fiscally sound food service program that will meet the ever changing needs of the schools they so proudly serve. Their unique expertise comes from a diversified staff of caring professionals.


Breakfast or lunch can be purchased with either cash or by loading your student ID with a prepaid amount through Food Service Consultants, Inc.  Prepaid amounts may be sent to school by check, made payable to Food Service Consultants, Inc., by cash or through PayPal.

For instructions on how to pay through PayPal, please click here.


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