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What is the Kougar Klassic?


From September 1 – 28, alumnae will participate in a tournament-style competition to claim the title of Rosati-Kain’s 2nd Annual Alumnae Kougar Klassic Champion for 2017. This will be determined by class giving participation (% of donors not dollar amount) to the Fund for R-K. Only gifts made during September 1 – 28, 2017 count! 


Bracket One

September 1st – 14th:  40’s vs 50’s, 60’s vs 70’s, 80’s vs 90’s and 00’s vs 10’s. The results of teh first round are:

The first round of the Kougar Klassic showed some great R-K spirit! The results are in! The Class of ’57moves on with 2% and will go head-to-head with the Class of ’66 who had 6% class participation.

This next race was a nail biter! The Class of ’99 is proving to be the Class to beat with 76% as they face off against the Class of 2000 who sprinted ahead with 27% class participation!


Bracket Two

September 15th – 21st: The top class in each of the two battles will advance to the Championship Round.


The results are in for the second round of the Kougar Klassic!  The Class of ’66 will face off with The Class of ’99 for bragging rights as the Championship Class!

Props go out to The Class of 2000 who showed resilience with a 38% participation finish against the ’99 powerhouse.  The Class of 1957 showed no fear against their strong competitor, ’66.
1966 and 1999–  Who will be the first class to end the Kougar Klassic with 100% class participation?  It only takes a one time gift to make a difference in the bracket and at R-K!  The final round ends at 11:59pm on September 28!  Thank you to all the alumnae who have participated!

Bracket Three – Championship Bracket

September 22 – 28: The top two classes will battle it out to see who is named Kougar Klassic Champion 2017!


Champion Class will be announced Friday, September 29


All donors in the winning class will receive tee shirts as Rosati-Kain’s Kougar Klassic winner AND will have bragging rights as the Top Alumnae Class of 2017.  Your win will be noted in the R-K Today magazine, alumnae newsletter, and on social media. Finally, all donors in the winning class will be invited to a happy hour on our Coughlin Courtyard and our Daniels Learning Commons on a mutually agreed upon date.

Here’s what you can do to make your class our the Kougar Klassic Champion.

  • Make a gift – large or small – to the Fund for R-K. You can mail a check to the school or go to to donate online.
  • Encourage others in your class to participate. You can do this via email or social media. Remember, any and all support counts. The winning class will be the one with the highest percentage of donors.
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