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Insurance Guide to Teen Driving in Missouri 

Crashes, Car Insurance, and Beyond: The High Toll of Distracted Driving

Car Insurance Guide for New Drivers & Their Parents

SLU Financial Aid 101


Guidance Forms

A+ Schools Program Forms:

FERPA Waiver: Transcript and Recommendation release form granting (if waived) permission for Rosati-Kain faculty to send information regarding the college the college application process on student’s behalf. To download this form, please click here.

Request for Teacher Recommendation: Students use this form to give to teachers from whom they are asking for a recommendation.  Includes student instructions. To download this form, please click here.

Workers Permit: Students under the age of 16 are required to obtain a workers permit  before being employed. To view the different forms available, please click here.

Rosati-Kain High School